What's in the box?

Each standard copy of Dwarves with Swords is designed for two players. Additional pieces and cards are available to expand to up to a four person game. The Dwarves with Swords team is working to improve aesthetics on some of the game pieces. Details for those changes are below.

Unit Pieces

18 tiles of each unit - the Broadsword, the Brewmaster, the Longsword, and the Magesowrd.

Miniature models have been completed and will be included when Kickstarter Stretch Goals for volume production are met.

Group Bases

Group Bases hold the groups that make up your army. Each base is a 3x3 plastic grid. The Unit Pieces fit into each section and are easy to pop in and out.

Action Cards

3 kinds of Action Cards - Attack, Defense, and Move. There are 21 Attack Actions, 18 Defense Actions, and 8 Move Actions. Check out the Action Cards to see what each card does!

Player Mat

2 Player Mats. Keep track of your Army's stats, current drunkeness, health pool, current defense, and victory points. The die tracker at the bottom keeps track of your rolls for each battle.  There's even a place for your beer!  2 dry erase markers are included in each box.


Each game will include the open terrain map, pictured above, along with the hazards and objective tiles to create multiple scenarios including Boiling Brew and Capture the Keg.