The Origins of Dwarves with Swords

Dwarves with Swords is the realization of a small project that was started by two brothers in college. The original idea came while avoiding homework sometime during the 2009-2010 school year, and it sat mostly dormant for the better part of a decade. Every once in a while, it would get picked up, looked at, and put back down in a very similar condition to how it was found.

In the middle of 2017, one of the brothers decided that he didn’t want to keep spending all his best efforts on a 9-5 (Who are we kidding? 8-6) job, so he started looking around for ways to bring his passion to life. Having never really forgotten about it, but not really considering it as a business, Dwarves with Swords still sat relegated to a hobby for another few months.

Now, Dwarves with Swords is a full-fledged game and the focus of all the energy and attention that can be mustered for it. It is the result of blind determination and force of will, with the goal of increasing the amount of happiness in the world by providing a silly game that warms the soul.