Meet the Dwarves with Swords Team

The Dwarves with Swords team is small, but mighty (like a dwarf!). Earle, Courtney, and Greg have been playing all manner of games together since college, and have been part of the same board game/table top group for the past 6 years. Each member of the team handles a different part of Dwarves with Swords, but they all have decades of loving and playing games.

Earle, Creator

Earle Mock is the Creator of Dwarves with Swords. Earle has been playing games since childhood and cut his teeth on games such like Axis and Allies, Dragon Strike, and Super Mario Brothers. Since college, Dwarves with Swords has been a back burner passion of his. In late 2017, he decided to make that passion into a game, and quickly moved from a general concept to a full board game.

Earle approaches game development from the mindset of a Mechanical Engineer. His perspective has brought a simple elegance and balance to Dwarves with Swords.

Earle's favorite beer? Hefeweizen or a Porter

Earle's favorite dwarf? He won't say. My parents never said who their favorite child was, either.

Courtney, Community Engagement

Courtney Mock is the organizational side of Dwarves with Swords.  She handles community engagement and administrative stuff.  Courtney has been playing video games since the Nintendo 64 and fell in love with board games after a game of Arkham Horror in college.

Courtney's favorite beer?  Hefeweizen, or a Pilsner in a pinch.

Courtney's favorite dwarf?  The Brewmaster

Greg, Game Breaker

Greg Terry is the Game Breaker Extraordinaire.  He's been a part of the team since the beginning, and has always been keen on breaking the game whenever possible.  Greg has been playing games his whole life.  His first games included Hero's Quest and The Omega Virus.  Greg is an excellent strategist in all games and brings a unique perspective to everything he plays (probably because he actually reads the rules).  Greg also handles all things video related for Dwarves with Swords.

Greg's favorite beer?  Also a Hefeweizen.  There's a theme in this group.

Greg's favorite dwarf?  Easily the Longsword.