By: Earle | July 18, 2019

Hello fellow Dwarf Enthusiasts!

I am writing this from the home of medieval mythology and the Grimm Brothers, and my new country of residence: Germany. Incidentally, this post will also account for probably 60% of my written English for the month, so please bear with my rusty writing.

The move overseas has been one of the smoothest transitions I have ever experienced with government agencies involved, but I am waiting for the other shoe to drop, since Germany is known for bureaucracy and paperwork. So far though, as long as I have had my research done and forms filled out, everything is incredibly easy.

We have stopped living in hotels/hostels and settled into temporary company housing until the 1st of August, with a beautiful apartment lined up for at least the rest of my 2-year work contract with my company. We are official residents in the small city (~36,000 people) where my company is located, and have gotten all the legal and financial requirements set up so that we can pay taxes and earn a salary. All-in-all, it's been a wonderful crazy ride for the last few months.

The date of 1st of August is the big inflection point, then. After that, I will be able to have a real home office setup and dedicate my evenings/weekends to working on Dwarves. The first small step in this direction is complete: I finally have a computer again! I have been doing everything online either from my phone or after-hours at work, but we made our way to Düsseldorf via a 90 minute train ride (each way) and I picked up a laptop at the German version of Best Buy, Saturn. It feels great to be able to write and connect with people again, even if it's just a cheap wannabe gaming machine. Possibly the most entertaining part of it is the German keyboard layout, so my 'y' and 'z' will now sometimes be switched, and all my punctuation will have to be completely re-learned. This picture

German Keyboard
DE Tastatur

is what a German keyboard looks like. Take note of all the funny changes on the top right part, and the "@" being "AltGr + Q" instead of "Shift + 2". All the little things are different, but the big things are the same as ever. That's a good explanation of US <--> DE, I think.

At any rate, I can finally resume some things I have been neglecting (this blog), and start to pick back up on my coding of the Dwarves game engine. I will have to re-learn everything I came up with as "time-saving shortcuts" the first time around, and also try to remember how git repositories work. I already have much more structured time available to me than I did in the US, so the consistence will (hopefully) help me get back in the groove quickly.

This digital version will now be the primary version of Dwarves with Swords that I work on, with the physical version lagging behind slightly. The intent behind this is that I can rapidly iterate through code much faster than I can re-create physical pieces, so I can cut out the expensive and time-consuming part of development to be more efficient in getting the game finalized and shipped.

Due to everything that has happened in the last few months, we weren't able to get Dwarves into a state that I felt comfortable with putting it in a booth at SPIEL, so we will instead just be attendees and not exhibitors this year. I will have my one remaining prototype copy with me and will be playing with anyone who wants during the convention, so if you just happen to be attending let me know! I'd love to say 'hi', and I'll even have stickers to bribe you with!

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