By: Earle | March 04, 2019

Over the last couple weeks, some things have happened for me personally that will have a direct impact on Dwarves with Swords.

First, I have been offered a position transfer with my current company to work in Germany for two years, starting in June of this year. This was honestly the more unexpected outcome and as I mentioned before, this will certainly change how much time I have to devote to DwS in both the immediate and short-to-medium time future. Immediately, I have had to put all development basically on hold while I navigate through the visa process and arrange to transfer my life to a somewhat stable living arrangement instead of an oversized backpack.

In a related vein, we have sold our house and close on the 22nd of March. So while we are for the most part pretty minimalistic in what we own, it is still much more than we can effectively move across the ocean and we have to shed all of the extra stuff before we move out of the house. We’ll bum around Denver until mid-to-late May when we move overseas for good. This date coincides with the deadline of whether or not to rent a booth at SPIEL, so before we leave the US we’ll know if we can make that commitment.

Even with all of this happening, we still managed to get in a couple of games with some of my coworkers from around the world (the pictures from over the weekend feature Germany, Denmark, and Columbia), to get us back in practice with throwing dice and drinking beer.

We’re excited to start this new chapter of life, and be able to focus more on the important things in life: Dwarves, Beer, and Dice!

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