By: Courtney | September 26, 2018

Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of discussion on what we want to do with Dwarves with Swords for the rest of this year (the future is always fun to talk about). We’ve talked about what we should include in the game. We’ve talked about creating more content for the game itself. We’ve also talked about new methods of reaching our community, as well as making the community grow. We’ve tossed a ton of ideas around and have started to distill those down to a few things that we’re pretty excited about.

The idea I’m probably the most excited about is incorporating more videos into our regular content stream. We’re working on building a mini recording studio in our basement so we can make these videos as good as possible. So far, we have a sweet camera, some lighting, microphones, and even a mixing board. We’re planning to set up two different “settings” so we can have a mix of content, including gameplay and the team chatting. This will also allow us to talk about where we’re at with the game, any changes that are coming up, and even what we’re up to. I also want to get some up close videos of those awesome minis we have.

The studio is still under construction, but our goal is to start having regular videos out by mid-October! Go check out our YouTube channel to see what we’ve already put out there. Subscribe while you’re there, and then let us know what you think once we get more videos up!

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