By: Earle | March 07, 2018

One of the most surprising things that I have discovered during the process of making Dwarves with Swords is that I am an incredibly bad player of Dwarves with Swords. I don't really know how to make groups that do what I want, and I'm incredibly heavy-handed in how I put things together and direct in how I execute my strategy.

My compatriots, on the other hand, are much more adept at deftly sneaking in some brilliant maneuvers that reduce my groups from hardy, beer-drinking brawlers to piles of smoldering mugs and beards in the span of a single turn.

I finally won my first game just this Sunday, and it had nothing to do with my skill at building groups or strategically positioning them to execute awe-inspiring tactics and best my opponents in combat. It was entirely because I made puppy-dog eyes at my wife and she felt bad enough to duke it out with the other player until I hobbled in and got a lucky attack to clench my victory.

On the other hand, I can definitively say that my skill at making Dwarves with Swords has steadily increased over the last 6 months. I have continually cut away the chaff, and honed down what began as an unwieldy, overcomplicated, Frankenstein's Monster-esque pile of all the mechanics that have grabbed my attention for even a passing moment over the last 20 years, and made it into something that I am submitting to the KublaCon Game Design Contest within the next two weeks. I will find out over Memorial Day weekend how it stacks up against other amateur-designed games.

I'm sure that I'll need to tweak and balance a few things to take it from a roughed-out concept to a polished final product, but I really like the flow of it and how it feels to play. Once I have my first copy submitted to KublaCon, I will start sending out Playtest Sets for anyone who wants one. I do ask if you want one, that you fill out a playtest report here on the website (it's short!) once you have a chance to play it.

If you don't want to wait for an official 3D printed copy, all of the necessary info is here on the website if you want to make your own pieces/groups/boards and play right away. Any questions about rules or gameplay should be sent to me here:

I look forward to brawling with you all!

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