Game Overview

Dwarves with Swords is a tabletop war game that deals with the daily struggles of dwarven clans: Who has the beer? Who is the better fighter? AND WHERE DID ALL THE HAMMERS GO?!?

There are two primary mechanisms that Dwarves with Swords uses.

The first is Group Building, where the player picks from four different dwarf classes and builds groups of nine to use in combat. Each of these different classes has things they are good at and things they are weak at, so it's important to build the groups based on the map objectives and personal play style.

The second is the actual combat, which is determined by rolling dice according to both the actions that are chosen for the groups and the relevant stat value (Armor, Dexterity, Strength, Knowledge, and Wisdom). The comparison of the attacking roll and the defending roll is done in a way that is unique to Dwarves with Swords, and makes use of all of the different die sizes that we love.

Another major component of the combat is Drunkenness. Every point of Drunkenness that the group has increases its combat stats while decreasing its Speed - but if the group reaches a Drunkenness level equal or greater than its Memory, the group Blacks Out and is removed from the board. All good dwarves know how to hold their booze, so being eliminated from the game this way is incredibly embarrassing!

If you want to see what a game of Dwarves with Swords looks like, check out our Instagram page. You might find a bit of history in there, as well.